Jul. 11th, 2010

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Was it slash? Was it even fanfic?

I'm asking because my experience was *ahem* different, and I'm curious to see if anyone else's was as well. My first foray into writing porn was at a very young age *cough*aboutthirteen*cough* My best friend and I wrote stories about ourselves with our favorite celebrities. Sometimes we'd write them for each other; other times we'd collaborate and write one that featured both of us, lol. It was so much fun writing late into the night, then exchanging the notebooks we wrote in the next day for the other to read. If we had a sleepover, we'd work on them together, or just tell each other the damn things.

One time I went and typed up a scene from one of my stories. IDK why? Probably because my handwriting is illegible. I printed it out and forgot to take it out of the printer, and my dad found it. *facepalm* My parents didn't cause much of a scene, but they did keep it in a certain drawer with the intention of showing it to me when I was older. Thankfully I found it and shredded it before they managed to do that.

So... care to share?


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