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*♥s mean a fic is one of my personal favourites. ✯s mean it is popular (based on ff.net stats and past reccommendations/nominations).

Drabbles (100 words/various pairings)


Ficlets (under 1,000 words)

Between Us [NC-17] Draco knows there's something he can't give Harry. ~500 words

Sappy, Lovesick Fools [R] Draco wants to submit, but he's a little scared. ~500 words

One-shots (over 1,000 words)

Abandoned Destinies[R] Harry finds a stone that can show him how his life would have played out if only he'd done things a little differently, and it reveals something he'd never considered before. Is it too late to fulfill an abandoned destiny? ~2,500 words

Auror Potter and the Book of Bedtime Tales♥ [NC-17] A rare item was stolen from Malfoy Manor. Harry wants to find it because he believes it might be dangerous. Draco doesn't want him anywhere near it, but not for the reason Harry suspects. EWE. ~9,900 words

Breaking Tradition [NC-17] The wedding is about to begin, but where are the grooms? Silly PWP. ~2,100 words

Draco's Bad Day (And Why It Wasn't So Bad At All) [NC-17] In which Draco had a bad day, and Harry is too distracted to listen to him complain. ~2,500 words

The Familiar Familiar♥ [PG-13] In which Draco learns that not all seers are frauds, and not all former enemies are as insufferable as they once seemed. ~7,000 words

Flush Harry/Draco [NC-17] Draco's poker face revealed nothing. How could he remain so cool and collected when the smooth skin under the collar of his shirt radiated so much heat that it was making Harry sweat all the way across the table? PWP. ~1,500 words

Ill Tidings [R] Death had a way of casting a new light on everyone Harry thought he knew, including himself. ~1,700 words

Liquid Lust♥ [R] Aurors are being targeted with a potion previously unknown to the wizarding world. It is up to the Ministry's Potions Master, Draco Malfoy, to find an antidote. ~2,100 words

New!Of Wands and Magic [R] A new tee-shirt is the latest rage at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. ~900 words

Perverting the Candy Cane♥ [NC-17] Harry and Draco have some fun with an oversized candy cane. PWP. ~1,400 words

Pillow Prophecies Harry/Draco [NC-17] Draco doesn’t believe in true love or destiny. And he certainly doesn’t believe in pillow prophecies induced by mistletoe. ~1,300

Polyjuice Passion [NC-17] The things Draco wouldn't do to get in Harry’s bed. ~5,700 words

Practice Makes Perfect [NC-17] Harry is looking forward to a hot date, but his attention is needed in the Ministry Potions Lab. ~3,000 words

Ranus Princeps♥ [NC-17] Harry is the victim of a curse that only Draco Malfoy can break. ~3,600 words

Save Me Harry/Draco [NC-17] How far will Harry go to help someone in need? ~8,000 words

To the Victor Go the Spoils Harry/Draco [NC-17] So this was the advantage of being too busy fighting a Dark Lord to lose one's virginity at a normal age: A springtime shag in the Quidditch Pitch with Draco Malfoy. PWP. ~1,300 words

Chaptered Fics

Draco Malfoy Unwrapped Harry/Draco [NC-17] He’s like an exquisite sweet, protected by so many layers of wrapping that no one’s ever had the patience to get him naked. But I’m Harry Potter, dammit, and I want him for dessert.

Shaken and Stirred WIP [NC-17] This is the story of how Harry and Draco fell in love—in nine drinks.

Other Pairings

A Lucky Day (Harry/Scorpius) [NC-17] In which Auror Potter learns why Scorpius didn't make it into Slytherin. ~1,500 words

How It Pays Off (Albus Severus/James Sirius, Albus Severus/Scorpius) Albus wished that James would stop avoiding him when he was angry at their dad. Wish granted. ~3,400 words

Let the Dead Lie♥(Scorpius/Draco) [R] When Draco develops a mental illness, Scorpius gives up everything to take care of him and show him how it feels to be alive.

Sweets on Fire♥ (Harry/Draco/Ron) [NC-17] Draco goes on a nostalgic shopping trip to Honeydukes and finds far more than he bargained for. ~2,500 words

Thief (Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Draco) [NC-17] Scorpius knew that look. It meant his father knew something he wasn't supposed to and was savoring that fact while deciding when to strike. ~3,000 words

Twisted♥ (Barty Crouch, Jr/Draco) [NC-17] Draco has no idea what he’s asking for. ~1,900 words


Untitled Dan/Tom fic[NC-17] ~500 words

Initiation Sequel to untitled Dan/Tom fic [NC-17] Tom decides he wants to play along. ~800 words


Ficlets (under 1,000 words)

The Perfect Remedy [NC-17] Merlin has the perfect cure for Arthur's insomnia. PWP. ~800 words

Chaptered Fics/Series

Beyond the Round Table [NC-17] When Arthur took the throne, he created the Order of the Knights of the Round Table. The establishment of the new Order was celebrated with a ritual symbolising the unwavering trust and loyalty between the King and his Knights. A year has passed, and it is time to renew that bond. But where does the Court Sorcerer fit in? ~5,000 words

The Royal Goods Series [NC-17] Merlin obsesses over Arthur's various goods.
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