Aug. 1st, 2010

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I've taken on way too many projects for this month. My [ profile] hp_ssc_fest fic is due tonight. It's only a ~2,000 word long PWP, but I've been working on it all weekend, and it's going nowhere. I'm at about 1,650 words now, and every single sentence is SO PAINFUL. I'm just not in a smut-writing mood, I guess. I also have to write my H/D LDWS drabble tonight because, knowing my luck, I'll have to work late tomorrow.

I have a plotty monster of a Travel Fair fic due at the end of the month. Wordcount to date: 0/~20,000. Shaken and Stirred and The Black Mirror don't have due dates, but I wanted to keep updating them regularly so that I don't lose readers (or inspiration).


If. I. Could. Only. Just. Get. Through. These. Few. Hundred. Words. Of. SSC. I. Would. Feel. Much. Better.


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